Hypnosis Mistress Fem Dom Goddess Of Hypnotic Sexual Pleasure


Hypnosis Goddess Of Captivating Sexual Pleasure


Hypnosis Mistress Invites You Into Her Hypnotic Realm


When you enter my realm of sensuous erotic hypnosis you will be captivated by my voice



You will experience sexual pleasure perhaps more than ever before.

You don't need to do anything at all except listen

Allow each sensuous whisper to wrap around your senses like soft sensuous silk

My voice can reach those places that will take you to an amazing dreamy place

A hypnotic place where pleasure and fantasy become more profound.

Sexual pleasure will fill your mind and body like never before

Hear in my world you can experience the most deepest pleasure deep down in those places where you feel the most ultimate pleasure

Explore your hypnotic desires with me your enchantress your seductress.

I use state-of the art recording technology.

I use hypo-peripheral processing in all of my recordings, combining relaxing hypnotic music that most definitely emphasizes a true hypnotic experience.

This 3-dimensional effect helps emphasize and weave together metaphorically a web of words,

suggestions, triggers and images in your mind to allow for a true hypnotic experience.

All of my recordings are professionally recorded in my recording studio giving you crystal clear perfect sound.

My hypnotic whispers will envelope you reaching those places were you feel the deepest satisfaction.

Do wear stereo headphone so that you can hear all you need to hear to create your deepest sexual encounter


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Hypnosis Goddess Of Sexual Pleasure


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